The organization team constitutes a high profile executives, who go a long way back in their expertise in marketing & sales, not only with the cosmetic & toiletry industry such as L’Oreal – Bourjois – Beiersdorf – Revlon – Clarins – Calvin Klein.


The team maintains a long experience in the field of importing finished goods, Ministry of Health product legalization & registrations.


The outstanding performance of Forem, over two decades, enabled the company to grow, prosper and possess the customers’ and partners’ trust and gains the confidence of the local and international markets.

Moreover, our experience in marketing and distribution of FMCG brands, led us to be the preferred partner to globally recognized manufacturers, in their effort to reach their target consumers in the Egyptian market. Meanwhile, Forem has solid and influential relations with all modern and traditional trade sectors in Egypt.

Our special facilities and capabilities bring Forem to be a unique distributor that provides marketing functions and solutions. In addition, Forem has a diversified reach, efficient supply chain and operation cycle, and a strong distribution network. Therefore, our customers vary from large retail chains, wholesalers, distributors, retailers to mega markets.

More important, Forem has a fully fledged importation department and specialized importation and clearance functions, proficient transport/delivery fleet control and professional quality management. Besides, Forem has immense warehousing capabilities.

Maintaining an innovation-led approach, Forem, as a business unit and structured organization, has invested in the right people, systems and required resources. We have more than 200 qualified employees with the necessary experience and exposure guided by a talented management.


We are full of pride of our long-term commitments and cooperation with our business partners.